Installing dependencies for Arch Linux

Compiling webthree-umbrella on Arch Linux requires dependencies from both the official repositories and the Arch User Repository (AUR). To install packages from the official repositories pacman is used. For installation of packages from the AUR, a number of AUR helpers is available. For this guide, yaourt AUR helper is used.

Installing dependencies

# from official repositories sudo pacman -Sy git base-devel cmake boost crypto++ leveldb llvm miniupnpc libcl opencl-headers libmicrohttpd qt5-base qt5-webengine

# from AUR yaourt -Sy libjson-rpc-cpp

Compiling the source code

During this step, an installation folder for the Ethereum can be specified. Specification of the folder is optional though. If not given, the binary files will be located in the build folder. However, for this guide, it is assumed that the Ethereum files will be installed under /opt/eth. The reason for using /opt is that it makes much easier to delete the Ethereum files later on, as compared to having them installed under, e.g., /usr. Also /opt is commonly used to install software that is not managed by packaging systems, such as manually compiled programs.

# enter webthree-umbrella folder after cloning its github repository
cd webthree-umbrella

# make a build folder and enter into it
mkdir -p build && cd build

# create build files and specify Ethereum installation folder
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/eth

# compile the source code

# alternatively it is possible to specify number of compilation threads
# for example to use 4 threads execute make as follows:
# make -j 4

# install the resulting binaries, shared libraries and header files into /opt
sudo make install

After successful compilation and installation, Ethereum binaries can be found in /opt/eth/bin, shared libraries in /opt/eth/lib, and header files in /opt/eth/include.

Specifying Ethereum libraries path

Since Ethereum was installed in /opt/eth, executing its binaries can result in linker error due to not being able to find the Ethereum shared libraries. To rectify this issue, it is needed to add the folder containing Ethereum shared libraries into LD_LIBRARY_PATH environmental variable:

# update ~/.bashrc
echo "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/eth/lib" >> ~/.bashrc

# reload ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc